The Nekton Oxford Deep Ocean Research Institute is undertaking 6 expeditions into Indian Ocean from 2018 to 2020.

The aim is to help create a step change in our knowledge of the Indian Ocean and galvanise its sustainable governance. 

The Mission brings together an Alliance of world leading organisations across marine science, ocean policy, business, media, education and civil society. The Mission has been endorsed by the 2nd International Indian Ocean Expedition. 

Proposed cruise dates and locations can be adapted to meet the needs of our partners. FURTHER DETAILS: 

INTRODUCTORY FILM: Nekton Indian Ocean Mission 


Oliver Steeds, Chief Executive, Nekton
Prof. Alex Rogers, Nekton Science Director, University of Oxford
Dr. Lucy Woodall, Nekton Principal Scientist, University of Oxford.


Nekton are seeking to partner with marine research institutes and vessel operators to undertake a series of six research cruises in the Indian Ocean from 2018 to 2020. 

As part of the partnership, Nekton will look to invest a substantial quantity of subsea research equipment including work-class ROV, manned submersibles, containerized laboratories, a core team of leading multi-disciplinary marine scientists, data analysis across a network of laboratories, Research and Publication Grants for participating scientists, along with comprehensive programmes of global public engagement, education, capacity building and ocean policy. 

It represents an investment of at least US$3m per research cruise. 

Nekton looks to partners to provide a research vessel for joint operations (charter by Nekton will be considered) along with collaboration and participation including from scientists and communications teams. 

Nekton are also looking to develop partnerships to undertake research in other ocean regions and welcomes proposals.


Institutional Leadership: in a pioneering initiative of frontier exploration, technology, ocean policy, capacity development, public engagement and education.

Pioneering research to explore the least known ocean on the planet.  

Technology: Deployment of cutting-edge new technologies including submersibles. 

Education: global STEM education integrated within national curricula.

Engaging global audiences with the manned exploration of the last great unknown frontier – the next inspirational story of human endeavour. 

Multi-Audience Engagement: with governments, industry, media, NGOs, academia & general public.

Creating a legacy of new marine scientists, policy makers and ocean managers.

Inform & catalysing policy - in one of the most at risk major oceans.



19  Scientific Papers published within 18months  

77 Submersible dives  

13  Research tools deployed  

60  Scientists involved from 11 nations


750M   Global Audience Reach incl. BBC, PBS, Sky News, Forbes,New Scientist, Guardian  

1M  Educational reach with Submarine STEM  

20  Keynote speeches at major global events  

25  Films produced - incl. 30mins, documentary, 360 VR, educational films


Canada Partners: Department of fisheries and ocean, Bedford institute for Ocean sciences.

Bermuda Partners: Gov. Department of the Environment & Natural Resources, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum &Zoo, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS).

International Science Partners: University of Florida, University of Puerto Rico, Trinity College (Hartford)Stanford University, Tthe Geological Survey of Ireland, Bedford Institute for Ocean Sciences, and the  Government of Canada, Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Technology: Triton Submarines, Teledyne Marine, Bowtech project Baseline, Canon, VRTUL.

Communications: Google-YouTube, CellOne, Digital Explorer, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Instiitute (BUEI), Sirlus XM

Policy: Sargasso Sea Commission, Ocean Elders, IUCN, UNESCO, Deep Sea Conservation Coalition


Nekton’s mission is to explore the deep ocean to reveal the unknown for the benefit of humanity.  

Our exploratory Missions are at the core of all our work. Leading an Alliance of global partners, we undertake multidisciplinary scientific research of the state of the deep ocean, the planet’s most critical, yet least explored, ecosystem. Our discoveries inform global decision makers and ignite public interest to catalyse change.  Mission I 2016-2018: NW Atlantic / Mission II 2018-2021: Indian Ocean  The Nekton Oxford Deep Ocean Research Institute is a charity, established in the UK.

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