Durban - Some areas of Durban are so polluted with single-use plastic that one cannot stay in the area too long without hazardous material gear.

The area around the Bluff Yacht Club was cleaned up by Greenpeace in a #breakfreefromplastic campaign. Picture: Pixabay

This is the view of…

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We know that plastic pollution is a major problem for the world's oceans, but scientists just discovered a new way that discarded microplastics are making their way out of the water and into other food chains – through mosquitoes.

What's happening is mosquito larvae are ingesting microplastics as…

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Anchovies are falling into an 'evolutionary trap' created by vast amount of plastic waste being dumped in the sea

Anchovies, seen here being eaten by Blacktip sharks, are mistaking plastic waste for food ( Morne Hardenberg/Atlantic Edge Films/BBC)

In a study reported in the leading journal Science last…

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It’s no secret that too many of the plastic products we use end up in the ocean. But you might not be aware of one major source of that pollution: our clothes.

Polyester, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers — all of which are forms of plastic —…

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Investigations into the grabbing of ocean land at Kibarani in Mombasa is now focusing on government officials accused of facilitating the illegality.

An office complex which has been built on the reclaimed Kibarani dumpsite in Mombasa. Investigations into the grabbing of ocean land at Kibarani in Mombasa is…

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A total of 17.9 tonnes, or 17,911.56kgs, of waste were collected in a week-long clean-up drive along the Kwale coastline.

Locals and volunteers including school children in a beach clean-up exercise during which massive plastic waste and other pollutants were collected in South Coast beaches, for…

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