A traditional dhow sailing boat made entirely of trash and flip-flops has set off on an expedition along the Kenyan coast to raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic waste.

The dhow made by recycled plastic floats during its official voyage launch at Lamu Island, northern coast…

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A traditional dhow made entirely of trash and tap goes on an expedition along the Kenyan coast to raise awareness of the harmful effects of plastic waste.

The dhows, with their swollen triangular veils, are an icon on the Kenyan coast, having crossed these waters of the Indian…

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Globally, the BlueEconomy is predicted to grow at double the rate of the rest of the economy by 2030.

Garbage, plastic, and waste on a French beach after winter storms. Can the Blue Economy provide a more sustainable model? GETTY

The “blue economy” is a radical approach to…

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Amina Ahmed Mohammed has watched men prepare fishing gear and take to the waters in Lamu to fend for their families since she was a child.

The women wait until 11am before they wade through the shallow waters to the mangroves and identify areas that need replanting. [Photo,…

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The University of Strathclyde is leading the One Ocean Hub, which aims to transform the global response to urgent environmental challenges such as plastic pollution, acidification and over-fishing.

Protein that eats plastic could be pollution solution

The project involves more than 50 partner organisations around the world, including…

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Minimise fibres from synthetic fabrics to help save marine life

We are haunted by graphic images of plastic pollution: turtles entangled in fishing gear, dead birds with stomachs full of plastic waste and whales with broken buckets stuck in their mouths.

But there is another, more insidious, hidden…

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